About the Author

Hello! My name is Andrew Huff, I’m a life long student of game design based in Topeka, Kansas, United States. I also do a little writing on the side.

I’m all about discovering the goals worth achieving & giving them my all. The modding scene sharpened my mind, the Fighting Game Community sharpened my work ethic, now it’s my turn to be a resource for niche communities who wish to prosper & grow in the most sustainable ways imaginable!

For all inquiries, please contact me at…
E-mail: andrew.huff0808@gmail.com
Twitter: @SheeshFr
Discord: SheeshFr#7874

If you’re looking for my portfolios, they can be found here:
Level Design: level.sheesh.us
Sound Design: music.sheesh.us

Thanks for checking out my blog!