Adam Lindgren, aka Armada, is Stepping Down From Melee Singles

Big news, the biggest. Kind of upsetting but also very uplifting! Armada, one of the best minds and button pressers Smash has seen in its entire lifespan has officially announced that he won’t be competing in Melee Singles anymore.

I say uplifting because Armada has been relatively vocal in his older vlog posts before about wondering if he’ll be playing Melee any longer. While it’s never easy to see someone as talented as him go, that makes it even more wonderful to see a beautiful mind such as his have the courage to say, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’

Note, Armada is only quitting singles and will remain active in doubles. Him and his doubles partner and brother, Aniolas Lindgren aka Android, will likely be pushing the doubles tech and meta significantly further than what we now know is possible. I think this is the excuse I needed to start watching and labbing doubles myself, as it will likely see a rise in popularity at locals, regionals and of course majors!

Armada plans to continue streaming and releasing YouTube content which I am super thankful for. His videos and stream highlights have been some of the most thoughtful, informative and inspirational chunks of theory crafting I’ve ever spectated. He’s set his goal as being the best streamer he can possibly be and we all know how far Adam goes to be the best of the best!

Armada is well known as a voice of reason when it comes to changes or scandals in the melee community. I remember last year when Leffen and Chudat had to replay a set after discovering that UCF wasn’t enable on their console, Armada come through with a solid explanation from a TO’s perspective. He’s also chimed in on scumbagging your opponent at the top level and what could have gone differently when M2K and Shroomed agreed to no chain grabs in the Sheik ditto at the beginning of the match however by game three, 2-0 Shroomed, M2K said nah nah nah I’m gonna start chaingrabbing.

Armada has contributed so much to the game as well. Having been considered one of the gods of Melee for multiple years now, so many players look to his defensive, punish heavy play style for discovering ways of improving their own character. One could easily attribute the modern Peach play style being one that was heavily refined by Armada but even characters like Fox and Young Link have seen improvements in certain matchups thanks to Armada’s dedication to optimize certain player matchups.

Adam Lindgren’s Melee career started showing signs of stregnth way back in 2007 where he placed 4th at The Renaissance of Smash 4 which was at its time the largest European tournament to date. Even back then he was playing Peach the character having very little representation. Some might speculate that Peach’s lack of pre-pioneering might be what allowed his brilliance shine so brightly as his discoveries with his character were self-made rather than a swath of players ready to say what’s best for the character, seen in cases like Falco and Marth.

By 2010, Armada was provably the best player in Europe having gotten 1st in every European national that year and the year prior but he still sites Genesis, 2009 in the US, as being the tournament as being the boiling point in his career.

Never the less, Armada went on to take first at Genesis 2, 3, and 4, EVO 2015 and 2017,  B.E.A.S.T 1, 2, 6 and 7, and many many other super majors. A complete list of his tournament wins can be found on his wiki page, located here.

I’m intrigued to see how other players react over time to the loss of Armada in singles bracket. With the Peach matchup not being a guaranteed spectacle in Top 8s, will we see a buff to Falco mains? Who lloD or Trifasia step up as the new, dominant Peach force. Only time will tell.

Mad respect to you, Adam! You will forever be a legend in the Smash community and just an awesome human being in general. Myself and many others will forever be looking forward to seeing what you continue to provide to the world! I can only empathize with how you’re feeling and I don’t look at this as a roadblock or a setback in the Melee community at all, rather an opportunity for us to continue to grow as things change and finally have some elders we can proudly show some respect!

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