Weapon Recoil Patterns for Cold War Multiplayer Guns

Something to note about these recoil patterns is that they don’t carry over from Cold War to Warzone. In fact, many stats from the Cold War guns don’t match in Warzone so if you’re reading this for BR tips, I highly encourage you to check out other resources like JGOD on YouTube!

These patterns are captured from the iron sights of each weapon’s stock form. If you’re interested in learning about how specific weapon attachments effect the recoil pattern of weapons, let me know on Twitter, @SheeshFr, what weapons you’d specifically like to see! I’ve intentionally left Snipers/Launchers out of the picture because you don’t spam their fire and thus any recoil pattern is pure trivia.

If you’d like to know about specific weapon data relative to Cold War AND Warzone, I highly recommend the site TrueGameData.com. It stays up-to-date with each patch and at the time of writing, most of the Black Ops weapons data in Warzone has been recorded — a very labor intensive task since Activision doesn’t show the detailed stats for weapons in Warzone!

Images captured on: December 23th, 2020, version

Assault Rifles

From the list alone, I’m sure you can see why so many people are running the AK-47 at the moment. Slap a solid grip on there and you probably won’t notice any recoil while firing. The recoil for the XM4 could be considered easier to control but the trade off here is damage output — the AK needs only 4 bullets to kill from chest shots up to 38m away versus the XM4 needing 5 chest shots to kill from up to 45m away.

The AK also has the slowest rate of fire which can harm its time to kill (TTK) if you aren’t hitting your first several bullets. If you want to ensure you’re dealing damage every time your crosshairs hover over your target, I’d probably recommend the FFAR since it has a fire rate over 150% the speed of the AK! I’ve personally found a lot of joy using the Krig6 and QBZ since they’re sort of the ‘Good at everything, best at none’ type weapons.

Of course the Groza is quite new and its potential hasn’t been completely explore yet. Spend some time with it if you aren’t afraid of it’s whacky recoil pattern!

Submachine Guns

The two most dominant SMGs in the meta have definitely been the MP5 and the AK-74u. Most will agree that the MP5 should be played like an up-close, silenced laser beam (since it has a bullet velocity of only 250m/s) where as the AK74u is best unsilenced, kitted out for loud-and-proud gunfights.

You could probably get away with using just either weapon for awhile, but if you want to switch it up, here’s what I’d recommend for both playstyles:

  • MP5 users, check out the Mac-10. It’s recoil is insane but the TTK and mobility more than make up for it. With just the first silencer you unlock, you can accrue massive streaks if you sneak behind or beside enemy teams holding down a wall of pressure. If you want to get crazy, try adding a Tomahawk to your kit and build the Mac-10 for hipfire! The Milano can be used this way too though I don’t think it has anywhere near the TTK of the Mac-10 unless you’re getting headshots.
  • AK-74u users, the bullfrog won’t kill as fast up-close as the 74u but you will have better damage range for longer ranged gunfights. It also has a faster ADS time that’s probably only going to save you a frame but every other stats is practically identical. If you want something that’ll kill faster, maybe give the KSP a shot. Presently it can one burst with chest shots up to 15m away and you’ll have to make sure all 3 bullets connect.

Tactical Rifles

To preface: The M16 & Aug are burst fire weapons. The DRM and Type 63 are semi auto. None of these weapons have that crazy of recoil patterns so instead I’ll just talk about what I know of them.

The M16 has a more narrow recoil pattern but the Aug has shorter burst delay. If you’re hitting all 3 chest shots, both can one burst a target from up to 21m away. Presently, using the Task Force barrel on the Aug enables the gun to kill off a one burst from any range. In my opinion, the Aug is the better gun to use for this reason.

Moving on to the DMR and Type 63 (pardon the typo on the image, lol). Similar situation with these guns — both are a 2 head/3 chest shot kill from any range. The DMR does have a faster bullet velocity and ADS time but the Type 63 starts with 5 more bullets.

Light Machine Guns

I’m going to level with you — I’ve really only put time into the Stoner 63. Honestly, I loved the weapon when I stopped trying to be so run & gun and focused on holding down multiple angles almost like a sniper. It’s a 4 shot kill with a solid rate of fire making it great to hold down long stretches.

Regarding the other two LMGs, it looks like the M60 has the better potential. It can kill from 3 chest shots up to 75m away and also has the easiest to control recoil pattern. That being said, it’s a little bit slower in every aspect (fire rate, sprint out time, bullet velocity, ADS, ect…) to the Stoner. As for the RPD, it sort of just seems like a worse Stoner in every way but ADS (25ms/~1 frame faster) so unless its got hidden Warzone potential or next patch buffs this weapon, I wouldn’t worry about getting it maxed just yet.


These are the one weapon class I feel like I’m just terrible at and recoil patterns might be why! I think the flipping up of the barrel and any muzzle flash hides much of how the bullets travel. Knowing ahead of time how each gun leans after the first shot might help me with that.

Considering all these pistols at close range, I think the 1911 is 3-hits to kill, probably less if you land headshots. I’d recommend it if you’re just trying to beef up your pistol skills but the other two serve their purposes in the meta as well. The Diamatti is 2 bursts (one if you land some headshots) and takes two as well. I’ve been seeing people run these akimbo which will give it a whole different set of recoil to worry about.


The only thing you really need to know about these weapons is that iron sights will magically reduce the spread of pellets. Both have a similar spread though the Hauer has a better damage range and the Gallo has a faster fire speed.

Midseason, we’re suppose to be seeing a new shotgun called the Street Sweeper! Some are unlocking it early but I’m not one of the lucky ones. Never the less, when it’s available to me, I’ll add it to the list!

Also, rip shotgun secondaries in Warzone.