Weekend Shenanigans | August 11th/12th, 2018

I find myself following more events on the weekends than I did when I wasn’t writing for Sheesh Forreal full-time. I freaking love it, dude. I’m so much more in tune to what’s really happening in gaming around the world and I starting with LTC6, I want to do a write up on each one. Unfortunately I don’t really have time to to meticulously take live notes as these events are happening so I figured why not do a bit of a round up instead? Drop you guys the links to some things I think are interesting and just go from there!

Super Smash Con 2018

This convention slash tournament series has been happening since 2015 and always leads to some crazy hype moments. Of course it’s called Smash con but really it’s a convention for platform fighters in general, i.e. Rivals of Aether, Icons and other indie games that get shown off on the convention floor.

A lot of players are riding off the momentum of EVO going into this tournament so we definitely see a crazy high level of play for every game. I read of Wizzrobe’s twitter that he’s going to be focusing on Smash 64 for this since it’s suppose to be the biggest 64 tournament of all time? That’ll be happening today around 6pm CST.

Speaking of Smash 64, you really gotta see the 3rd annual combo contest! The best of the best combos using items, banned stages and any sort of creative parameters they can manipulate! Prince, a Japanese Yoshi, has won the past two years in a row but this years competitors seem to have put in a lot more work. If you’re going to watch only one thing, make it the 64 combo contest!


QuakeCon 2018

The original idSoftware team put this together back in 1996 to encourage community togetherness. Despite this being a corporate event, it’s generally been pretty wholesome and conducive to solid community growth similar to a Capcom event. They hosted a press conference yesterday that skipped the gaudy visuals E3 had and pretty much cut right to the jib. Gameplay footage of Doom Eternal was unveiled and of course it looks crazy sick!

Quake Champions is finishing its doubles bracket today and singles will wrap up tomorrow. I’m disappointed, however, that I haven’t seen any *actual* publicity for this tournament. It’d be nice to see Bethesda put together some showcases of top player talent along with there new content. It just feels like the right thing to do considering they’re pillars of your competitive community.

The stream can be found here at  http://twitch.tv/quake.


Two huge conventions happening at the same time! Hopefully one of these provides you with some sort of new experience. I’ll for sure be watching 64 Top 8 tonight at 6-o-crack CST and probably watch a a few matches of top level Quake singles.

Shouts to you for reading this!

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