Popular N64 Mod Site ‘GoldenEye Vault’ is Closing

The title is true, that sight you were using to find the mod tools for GoldenEye and Perfect Dark is going to be going away soon. So so many mods have been posted here, surely pushing players and modders alike to try harder and harder with everything they do.

The guy behind the scenes, SubDrag, made a whole post about the site shutting down on the front page and I definitely recommend reading it. There, he talks about how the site was just taking up too much time and effort and he’s looking forward to enjoying the past 10 years of games he’s had to overlook while running the site. Good stuff.

SubDrag sounds pretty optimistic about the continuation of the GE/PD modding scene. I would imagine that if you found the names of the modders who’s work you enjoy most, you could find them on social media or some other site too.

Once he feels confident that the torch has been passed, however, GoldenEye Vault will be shut down too so I definitely recommend downloading anything and everything while possible now! The site is home to a lot of other N64 mods too. My favorites are the Diddy Kong Racing levels and Smash 64 levels. A notable DKR pack was the recent collection of levels that recreate familiar settings found in Ocarina of Time.

Courtesy of Snooplax — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWjToquAKVI

UPDATE: At time of writing this, it looks like a lot of the N64 level haven’t been backed up anywhere I could find but I’ll update this post again as soon as I can secure some dedicated links.

You hate to see sites like this one shut down but thinking about things would be like for the modding scene if it never existed in the first place sounds even worse. Big shouts to SubDrag on everything they’ve done over the past decade! Also big shouts to key contributors for supply the world with quality tools and mods.

You can follow SubDrag on twitter by following the link here! Do keep in mind that this is his personal account and probably isn’t trying to answer a million questions right away if ever. Go show them some love if you’ve got it!

I’m excited to see where the GE/PD/DKR/SSB64 and other communities will be going from here! In my opinion, the best part of GoldenEye’s actual site was the database style entry. Fishing through forums for links can make you feel like a detective but isn’t always conducive to new comers. Regardless, I’m sure the future will forever be bright!

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