Sheesh Forreal Will Be In Massive Flux Over The Next Couple Months!

I started Sheesh Forreal this summer as a way to stay busy while unemployed but now that I’m working a full-time job and planning to go back to school in the Spring, my time has made a significant shift away from gaming! In my freetime, I still play like a madman but I find myself less intrigued by works of vanity and striving to learn more and more about the experiences that have kept me wanting to evolve as a gamer.

More than likely, the content on this blog will have more of a modern, esports-esque tone. I still love the modding community but… they don’t need me. If I learned anything while writing it’s that existing platforms modders have been using are thriving more now than ever. If you’re trying to become a professional writer, I would absolutely recommend starting in the modding community as there is so… so… much gold waiting to be discovered. However, my laptop sucks and I’m dedicating more time than ever to outside activities i.e. saving money and playing only a handful of games I wish to be godlike at.

If Fighter.PL has taught me anything, it’s that you can still be a hardcore ass gamers and have a career and family. As much as I love the medium, this is what I want from gaming. I want it to feel rewarding like a hobby but not my career… unless I become a pro gamer but I’ve seen the work it takes to become one of those.

Diago Umehara stresses in his book that desire for being number one was more of a blessing than a curse. To the spectator, being one of the best SF players in the world seems like a dream come true but to be an ordinary person who is mentally punishing themselves for not being that top player AND ALSO somehow learning the right things and executing inputs on a godlike level is like damning yourself to a mental prison.

All the best Smash players I’ve met dedicated years and years of their lives to become the best in our area, often starting at a young enough age where it didn’t matter if they spent morning, noon and night obsessing over the game but sacrificing other elements of being a human… and now — as adults — they still are busting. freaking. hump. trying to get that career going and enough never seems to come! That’s the life of a sport. If it’s possible, people will do it to become the best. I think that’s amazing and also the sector of gaming that I think is most import to me.

So I think this is what Sheesh Forreal is going to be focusing on for the time being. We (being the blog and myself) will be changing look probably regularly, content is always going to be shifting and we might even rebrand a time or two! But I think it’ll all be worth it. This is my creative outlet after all.

For now, I’ll probably be focusing on the games that I want to play which are mostly 3D Fencers (that’s what I’m calling the Dark Souls, Pokken Tournament and Custom Robo like fighters. These games tend to reward polished builds, reading your opponents and spacing/timing over raw execution/heavy tech.) These games have quickly become my favorite for multiple reasons but the easiest to explain would be that they offer just a raw fun factor that a lot of other games just don’t provide me with anymore. I’m okay with becoming an old man in the gaming scene.

So yeah, just wanted to put this out there. Thank you to the 20 or so people who have read my blog since I last updated it a month ago. Sorry for making this a non-real, shit meta post but I promise to keep things going!

Thanks again to anyone reading this.

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