Diabolus Ex is a Doom 2 Map Inspired by Eidos’ Deus Ex

During a period in gaming where heavy usage of browns and washed out greens was being criticized, Human Revolution came through with vibrant golds and blacks. That style looked good back in 2012 and in my opinion, it looks even better in this mod.

Mod creator Arvydas Brazdeikis, also known as Arvell in the Doom World forums, has  put together a map that plays like it was ripped straight out of the Deus Ex games. So many details came together to get me immersed: the animated marquees lining hallway walls, vents for sneaky stealth tactics and exploration, that outdoor brawl that can ensue, the textures of the elevators and how the lift really moves — it doesn’t just teleport you there! Shouts to the GZDoom engine for sure!

Visually, this mod is everything I hoped it would be. The level design gave way to the feeling of traversing a real building. Every room felt purpose driven whether it was a storage closet, a research lab or a server farm. Never once did I feel lost by its sprawling design and after just a few runs, I had the layout memorized.

Unfortunately Diabolus Ex wasn’t designed to be played through non-lethally like the Deus Ex games feature. I’m projecting onto the map when I say this but a stun gun or tranquilizer rifle would have been incredible to see! That being said, the rooms were skillfully balanced for enemy encounters. Towards the end, I definitely felt like my exploration changed the way I experienced the ending.

Diabolus Ex of course holds a large amount of secrets! I missed hidden rooms and secret paths on my first play through but even after multiple runs I was playing in different ways! It wasn’t until my third run that I discovered a HUGE area that I had missed because I was focused on using key cards instead of the maps non-traditional paths. If you’re going to check this mod out, I definitely encourage multiple play through. There’s always a way to get around obstacles. Fight courageously and keep exploring!

Thank you so much, Arvell, for supplying the community with this amazing work! I hope the option to make maps is always on the table and if someone asks you to do a stand-alone work, I believe in you!

Download the mod here: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/101473-gzdoom-diabolus-ex-v11/

Thanks to Mr. Icarus for showing this mod on his channel. I probably wouldn’t have seen this as fast as I did if it weren’t for him. Be sure to give that man a subscribe if everything Doom is your jam!

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