How to Add Codes to Fix Your Games in PCSX2

So what codes are we talking about? Well, often when you visit the PCSX2 wiki for a game you’re try to play, you’ll see a section that breaks down a problem and offers a code to fix it. Whether it be frame rate issue, lighting issues, texture issues or just plain double XP, all of these codes can be installed painlessly through this method.

I presume these are lines are custom written for PCSX2 but one things for certain… These are not about Action Replay, Gameshark or Codebreaker codes! The process to get those codes to work with PCSX2 takes more work than I wish to address in this tutorial but here’s a pretty solid guide on how to do that if you need it.

If you aren’t sure which codes you have, here’s a visual comparison of the two:

Once again, if your code looks like what’s under the green checkmark then horray! We’re all set! However, if your code looks more like the what’s under the red X then you need to find a different guide online on how to convert them.

With that squared away, let’s dive right in, shall we?

What you’ll need:
– the latest version of PCSX2 installed and setup (presently, v1.6.0)
– a copy of the game you’re trying to emulate (I can’t show you how to get this)
– codes you’re looking to use, many can be found here

Note: PCSX2 is available for all operating systems. I’ve written this tutorial from a Windows perspective however translating the ideas behind my actions into something useful for Mac or Linux should be breeze!

The CRC code for the NA release of Echo Night: Beyond is 2DE16D21
  1. On the PCSX2 Wiki (or where ever you get your codes from) find the CRC code for the game you’re looking to change. Often times, this CRC code will noted near the rest of the important bits.

2. Locate the program folder for PCSX2 1.6.0. I have mine located in a common programs folder. If you’re having trouble finding it, [right-click > open file location] on the desktop shortcut for the application.

3. In your ‘cheats’ folder (not ‘cheats_ws’, just ignore that) create a new text file and title it the CRC code of the game you’re looking to patch.

4. Open up your text file using notepad and type ‘//name-of-game-here’ without the apostrophes and replacing the filler text with the game of your game.

5. Next, skip a few lines down and [copy > paste] the codes from the PCSX2 Wiki or where ever you got them. If you’re going to be using multiple codes, be sure you give each one their own line within the file. Once this is complete, save and exit notepad.

Note: The tag of which game our code is for is so we can easily sort which CRC is for what game should we accrue many files over time in this folder.

6. Ensure that you have File name extensions visable then [right-click > rename] the file your text. Change the extension from ‘.txt’ to ‘.pnach’. If your computer asks if you’re sure, tell it absolutely.

Note: If you don’t see the ‘.txt’ at the end of your file, then you need to select the ‘View’ tab within your file explorer and check the box next to ‘File name extension’. If you’re running an older version or a different operating system then I’m sure this can be found somewhere in your file explorer’s settings.

7. Launch PCSX2, navigate [System] in the toolbar and select [Enable Cheats]. This will let the emulator know that it should check for cheats before booting any games. Leave this always on, it won’t effect anything but the games you’re hacking.

8. Everything should be good to go!

Only you will know if your codes are working the way their suppose. If you think they aren’t doing what they’re suppose to within your game, below is an FAQ that might address some common issues.

Q: I followed this tutorial perfectly but I’m not noticing these codes effect my game any. What should I do?

A: Verify that the codes you are using are meant for your game. This isn’t as simple as matching titles since many games have different versions for different regions (NTSC-U, PAL, NTSC-J) and some even have iterations that introduce bug fixes (v1.0, v1.01, v1.02, ect…). Fortunately, all versions of games have their own CRC exclusive to them that can be checked in the PCSX2 debug window.

After you’ve loaded your game, look for a few lines that look similar to what’s above. Circled is the CRC for the NA release of Echo Night: Beyond. We can see that this code lines up perfectly with the CRC that my my codes needed in the tutorial. If your CRCs don’t match then see if you can find codes for the CRC you do have. If none are found, you might need to obtain a new ISO with the correct CRC all together.

If your CRC codes match and you’re still not noticing the effects in-game then here’s a checklist to-do before giving up. 1) Verify you followed the instructions perfectly & hope the problem resolves. 2) Make sure the codes actually do what you think they do in game. 3) See if you can verify that the codes given to you actually work.

Q: On the PCSX2 Wiki, the problem I’m facing is in the ‘Known Issues’ section but no codes are present to fix my issue. What should I do?

A: Ah yes, unfortunately there’s nothing substantial that can be done here. I would look up my problem on YouTube and try to find a work around. Google would be helpful too. Ultimately, I’d probably have to come to grips with the fact that I might not be able to emulator that game. Maybe wait to see if it gets resolved should PCSX2 ever release a version newer than the one I’m running.

Maaaaybe, just maybe there’s an Action Replay or CodeBreaker code that can help you out though I typically see those formats used as cheat codes rather than game fixes. Maybe someone in a Discord somewhere can point you in the right direct?

Good luck on your gaming journey! If you have any more questions or just wanna say wuddup to me, I can be found on Twitter, @SheeshFr. Thanks for reading my tutorial, hope it helps!