Playing TimeSplitters with a Mouse and Keyboard

Playing the TimeSplitters series has become increasingly more difficult for me. Not only is it a console FPS exclusive, but it’s also several generations old. Thankfully emulation lets us pick what controller we want to play with but dated design choices like roaming crosshairs that turns don’t stay locked to the center of your screen, wonky stick acceleration and and aim that’s more or less, ‘disable autoaim for a second’ and tbh fam, it’s just a hard game to play.

Shouts to gggmanlives, the best FPS YouTuber of all time, for recently releasing a video about TimeSplitters Future Perfect — something that seems to have come out of no where — talking about the mouse and keyboard injection PC players emulating the game through Dolphin.

It truly is a miracle that someone took the time to put make this happen. I mean they’re taking one of the best FPS series of all time that has sort of died a tragic death and breathing new light into it for modern players without the need of a big company to get involved. carnivoroussociety, you glorious bastard, you did it. You really did it!

First things you’ll notice is that sensitivity has been tweaked to allow for ludicrously precise movement in areas like turn speed, aim speed and even crosshair sway which can be disabled all together. Tweak your settings how you see fit and launch a round of team deathmatch. First thing you’ll notice is how there’s a bit of a delay between your mouse and gun but I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this gets fixed in later releases. Even so, after a few matches, it’s pretty easy to wrap your head around, but I would definitely recommend a warm up period.

Mollywhopping bots is still fun as hell. Whether it’s with the plasma gun, rocket launcher or just a simple soviet rifle, TimeSplitters plays just how you’d expect it to and that’s after taking off the rose tinted glasses.

Installing the mouse and keyboard injector is pretty simple too, especially if you’re used to navigating Dolphin. Assuming you’ve got the application setup how you like, all you’ve got to do is drop this folder into the main Dolphin directory. Launch the .exe for the injector then set your controller to default>mouse and keyboard>and select the profile for what ever game you’re playing.

Currently the injector supports both TimeSplitters and 007 Nightfire (who’s console release is far superior that the PC release).

Thanks, modding community, for desiring and creating something this glorious! I’ll see you guys on the TimeSplitters netplay, if there’s a DeathMatch ladder somewhere…

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