Dark Souls 3 PvP is Sick

Shouts to Papa Skidz, aka @Skidonic, bka Skidz the Plump God, lka, the Cinnamon Roll Catcher. He was the first Dark Souls YouTuber I started watching and really showed the game from a new perspective. Up until this point, I looked at the Souls games as being these bleak, hardcore experiences but Skidz commentary on his duels really helped to alleviate some of the fear of PvP.

After watching him a bunch, I messed around with many terrible builds of my own and was amazed to see just how many mix ups were available to me using these ‘bad weapons’.

Eventually, I realized that if wins were what I want then I need to learn the true meta of Dark Souls PvP. I wanted to build a class that allowed for experimentation as well as viability so the quality build was what I was after. 40 Dex and 40 Stregnth nets you a lot of leeway in DS3 and one YouTuber named DamnNoHtml, aka @ScottJund, did a really good job of covering the game for the first couple years in its life span.

Jund’s approach to the game is to calculate what is possible then make a mix-ups tier list with of course hit confirms being on top. He advocated for a lot of ‘in-player’ balancing like utilizing two rings slots to get the highest HP possible at the lowest cost to the player. He’s also reviewed many many different build options and goes into great length to describe why he feels the way he does in certain match ups. Over all, Jund is an amazing speaker and a very honest player. If you’re ready to crunch numbers and take a stab at optimizing your gameplay, I really recommend watching him.

After awhile though, I realized that all the studying in the world wasn’t helping me win matchups and I was also becoming a little disheartened by Jund’s solemn criticisms of the game. He himself has stopped playing the game for about a year now so I felt it was time to find a more relevant source of info. I decided that I main a dex/pyro build because it was what I most enjoyed playing the most. Lucky for me, I found Revan619.

My favorite aspect of Revan’s channel is that he will show match after match after match, commentating every single one of them. You can tell that he’s got some FGC knowledge or at least is invested in the game long term because a lot of his matches, he talks about how he doesn’t always go for the win, rather to learn something new about his opponents build or play style. This, to me, is the most effective way to learn what the meta truly is and doesn’t need a lot of theoretical knowledge like what Jund brought to the table.

By watching a lot of Revan, I always got to learn how players like Jund are what I consider to be FGC ‘Hypebeasts’. Don’t get me wrong, I think his knowledge of the game is immense and he means what he says but he stopped playing DS3 because he thought it was a ‘solved game’ sort of speak and relied too heavily on ‘boring play’. Revan, on the other hand, doesn’t infuse his videos with bias as much as other hypebeasts. While his thoughts on the game aren’t always flashy or pioneering, they’re always worth remembering. If one is truly invested in a game, I think they’ll sound more like Revan in this sense and I’ve extracted that from how the Melee community talks about matchups versus how professional Streamers/YouTubers talk about dying games.

Very, very long but worth watching many times.

I think that sense of optimism vs. realism is a no brainer that optimism wins when true freedom is at play, i.e. the ability for Dark Souls 3 to stay competitive. Many other Streamers and YouTubes seem to believe so as well, Fighter.PL is the first to come to mind.

When watching a Fighter.PL compilation, you can tell that this guy gets absolute enjoyment out of the game itself and trolling and competing comes second. While his skill is immense and he’s always showcasing it, that doesn’t override his desire to think up knew ways to manipulate the brains of other players through invasions. He just recently hit 200,000K subs so shouts to him on that! He also uses copyrighted material out the ass so you know he’s not in it for the YouTube dolla dolla bills.

There’s a lot of other content creators who play the game purely because they enjoy it. Adam Barker, pioneer of the Barker Bomb Bait, comes to mind. Also, shouts to StrayKurtis for putting out a lot of hype duels and invasions content! He’s pretty well known for incorporating menu navigation tech to punish off of a parry.

I realize now that this article is only the tip of the iceberg and there’s so much more I want to talk about but I feel like that would be a bit to much to hold on a single page. I’ll probably come up with some more content about the PvP scene of this game soon!

It’s really great to see so many people still support one of my favorite games despite the lack of awareness it gets. Follow everyone here on social media and keep gank spanking!

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