Running Slippi on Your Wii for Super Smash Bros. Melee Replay Capture

Capturing replays during friendlies or on a tournament setup has never been easier thanks to Jas Laferriere‘s Project Slippi! Getting this setup is incredibly easy. If you’re already running Melee on your Wii, the only thing you’ll need is a Slippi build of Nintendont, a copy of Vanilla Melee and a USB drive (a second drive, if you’re running the ISO from one to begin with.) After that, you can pop the replay files into your Slippi Desktop App and wham bam, you’re ready to review some replays!

For all of those wondering, this special build of Nintendont includes an option to enable UCF 0.73, Arduino support and many of the tournament oriented optimizations you’re probably used to on 20XX/TE. Of course, vanilla Melee is supported if you’re a purist.

For this tutorial, I’m only going to be showing you how to store your replays on a USB but it’s worth noting that you can also send them directly to your computer over a network via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. Just a head up, however — the Wii doesn’t play nicely with 802.11-N so if you’re going to capture your games wirelessly, make sure you’re running A,B or G bands for your Wi-Fi first.

To get started, you’re going to need…
– the latest Nintendont-Slippi build (download here)
– an SD card (atleast 2GB)
– a USB drive formatted to FAT32 (a different one if you run Melee through this already)
– a Wii with homebrew installed
– a disc or ISO of SSBM 1.02 NTSC

First thing you want to do is download the latest Nintendont-Slippi build, available from the link above. Extract the contents of that .zip and place them directly onto your SD card. The result should look a little something like this. ‘Nintendont Slippi’ is the only folder you’ll need need, however ‘slippi-wiiconf’ is useful for changing the time and nickname of your console and ‘nintendont-slippi-forwarder’ lets you forward to Nintendont-Slippi from Priiloader without having to reconfigure boot options every time a new build is released.

*Note: You don’t need a dedicated SD to run Slippi and you can have multiple versions of Nintendont on the same SD as well.

Next, if you’re running an ISO of Melee, be sure to rename it ‘game.iso’ without the apostrophes and place it in SD card like so. [root] > games > SSBM 1.02 > game.iso. That’s it for the computer side of things. Now let’s eject the SD card, pop it into our Wii and load up the Homebrew channel!

Courtesy of Jas Laferriere on Medium – @Fizzi36

No matter what you’re used to booting into, you’re going to have to chose the version of Nintendont that has the lil Slippi face on it. This will be your dedicated launched for Melee when ever you’re looking to collect replays. Load this up now.

Courtesy of Jas Laferriere on Twitter – @Fizzi36

Select the file location and pull up the Settings menu for your copy of vanilla Melee. Before we mess around with code injection, let’s go ahead and enable replays. On the column to the right, set ‘Slippi File Write’ to ‘Yes’ and press X to update. Now, take your USB replay storage drive and plug it into one of the slots on the back of your Wii. As far as replays go, you now have everything setup to record your matches using Slippi!

If you’re like most of us, however, you’re going to want to enable some custom code to improve competitive gameplay. Controller Fix is where you can enable UCF or Arduino settings, PAL lets you practice for AWAKENING 5, Tournament Mods incorporate neutral spawns and hidden player tags during invisibility and Frozen Pokemon Stadium lets you play Melee like it’s 2021. When viewing your replays on the Desktop App, all of these enabled codes will automatically be applied.

… and there you go! All the tools you need to start recording your friendlies. As far as watching your replays goes, all you’ll need is the Slippi Destop App (download here) and an ISO of vanilla melee on your HDD. More on that and how to turn these replays into VODs coming soon.

Shouts to Jas for creating this wonderful software! If you like where this is going and want to see Slippi thrive, please consider supporting him on Patreon. At the moment, he’s doing big things with as while working on this software on the side.

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