How To Convert Any N64 Rom to .z64 Format Using Tool64

Want to apply a patch to your N64 rom but your copy isn’t in .z64 format? Check it, this little program called Tool 64 has you covered! Here’s what you’ll need:

Tool 64
– any N64 rom that isn’t in .z64 format (.n64 or .v64 is what we’re talking about here)

1. Download and extract everything to somewhere accessible.

2. Launch Tool64.exe from inside the Tool64_v1.11 folder.

3. Navigate to File > Open, then select the directory your rom you wish to reformat is located. Click okay and now you should see your rom in Tool64’s main window.

4. Right-click said rom and choose ‘Big Endian’.

5. Congrats! Your rom was just converted to .z64 format! That was literally the whole tutorial!

*Note: Tool64 automatically saves all work done within the program. This utility also creates a backup of your converted rom if you need it. You can find it in the same directory as the new one.

Quick way to think about this:

.z64 = Big Endian
.v64 = Byteswapped
.n64 = Little Endian

A bit of a history lesson — different rom dumping hardware used different Byte Orders when creating a digital backup. Now that most people use the internet to obtain roms instead of dumping games themselves these extensions seem fairly arbitrary. However, having a rom that’s .v64 means it could have came from the Doctor V64, one of the oldest rom dumping utilities from back in the 90’s.

For more information on this subject, check out this sweet Reddit thread.

Hope this tutorial helps for anyone struggling to find a rom compatible with the patching software they’re trying to use! If you’ve got any hot leads on recent romhacks, send em my way if you feel like it and I’ll probably check it out! @SheeshFr