Kaze Emanuar Hosted a Press Conference for Upcoming ROM Hacks and Fan Games

F3 was the title Super Mario 64’s most prolific modder Kaze Emanuar gave his take on E3 style coverage. Instead of compiling the trailers for his own projects, he tweet out a request for any and all modders and developers create a trailer of a game they’ll be releasing within 365 days to submit to his conference!

Kaze’s humble attempt at getting at least four entries was of course blown out of the water. At least twenty different trailer were shown in the F3 presentation showcasing a wide variety of mods for games old and new! Not only that but between trailers, Kaze himself performed on stage as MC and provided spot on commentary and entertainment prefacing each collection of trailers.

So many Super Mario 64 rom hacks were shown by veteran modders and new comers alike. Daniel_EDC’s trailer for SM64 Peach’s Memory kicked off the conference, notable for its impressively vivid textures, easy to comprehend geometry and more linear platforming in its open world levels. Daniel_EDC was formerly know for put together Nathaniel Bandy’s Big House, a collection put together for Simpleflip’s mini-hack competition. Nathaniel has said many times that he would love to see a mod where you’re a miniature version of yourself doing things in a overly large world and that’s just what Daniel_EDC made! Nathaniel himself once held the WR for this mod.

SMB Super Show 64 by PastaPower is a recreation of the world from the now infamous SMB Super Show. Vinny from Vinesauce actually played the demo of this mod not too long ago!

If you’ve ever watched a YouTube video on rom hacks, you’ve probably seen a mod from the renowned Bowser’s Dank Rave series! Created by pieordie1, these mods have gained traction for their MLG textures, weedy beaties (for your feeties) and that baller Rosalina model. You can add Dank Rave 7 to your watch list now, buddy. Check it, did you know that the creator of that series actually made a serious rom hack awhile back called SM64 Shining Stars? Guess what, those levels are getting repainted and touched up in the new Shining Stars Repainted! This one isn’t expected to be out until mid 2019 but that only means more time to rave!

So many SM64 rom hacks were shown that there’s no way I could talk about them all, so the final one I’ll showcase here is the one I’m personally anticipating the most! Gemalomania is sort of like a total conversion mod for SM64 featuring a completely original character, new voice work, new worlds, enemies, music, EVERYTHING! The developer, MrPr1993 has consistently released small videos keeping the fans informed on the whereabouts of his game but all we know for certain is that this game looks wholly original and that it will be out within a year. Oh also check out Super Krabs 64 and Super Plankton 64.

Spectacularly, a new and serious contender in the rom hack-able games circuit has arrived! For the first time ever, Banjo-Kazooie will be getting a brand new world to play through! Banjo-Kazooie Returns is an ultra ambitious mod by developer Super Zambezi. Going off of Zambezi’s YouTube account, it appears he’s been working on this project for over four year now. He also streams his progress every week on Twitch then uploads the vods to his YouTube account. The official demo features an entirely new, playable world you can downloaded right here!

An up and coming 3D artist ThePingdelf, aka Kolya has been hard at work creating Breath of the Wild inspired assets to support his mod for VRChat simply titled The Bells’ Arietta. In the comments section of his second trailer, Kolya states: “I explained most of it in the description, but basically VrChat makes everything easier for me, because im not really advanced when it comes to coding. With Vrchat, you can actually play this together with friends, which would be awesome i think!” This isn’t a map or gameplay mod for BotW and that’s okay! Kolya has launched for himself into a foray of designing assets with a pedigree of polish. I’m sure this won’t be the last time we see his art somewhere.

The Mario Kart 64 modding scene is still early in development, but there are quite a few awesome people pushing it right along. In the mean time, check out this Mario Kart DS mod titled Ermii Kart DS. The mod has been available to the public in some form or another for over three years now and of course, Vinny from Vinesauce played it a year ago. The latest build has had at least eight different hands working on remaking levels like Peach Beach, Waluigi Stadium, all the Rainbow Roads and so many originals. New characters like the Inklings, Professor E. Gad, Rosalina and I’m pretty sure I saw a troll face as one of the items the scrolled by?

More than rom hacks were featured at F3. The revival announcement trailer for Grand Dad Mania: Revived was featured after it was picked back up for development by a group of community devs! The idea of Grand Dad Mania came from the SiIvaGunner team using the meme that stemmed from a Joel from Vinesauce stream but was eventually cancelled. Luckily, the adventures of Grand Dad, Smol Nozomi and Loud Nigra will continue development and can be found on their itch.io page!

Despite everything shared in this article, there is no way I could cover everything that was submitted to this years F3! For simplicity’s sake, I’ll provide a list of all the rom hacks and fan games that were left at the bottom of the page.

Kaze, your presentation was such a spectacle! The biggest thanks to you for reaching out to other developers and of course thank you followed by a standing ovation for all the amazing developers who have put countless hours into their craft! Mad high Patreon karma to all of you!

Total List of Mods, Rom Hacks and Fan Games

Baldi’s Basics 64
Banjo Kazooie Returns
Bounce Tales 64
Bowser’s Dank Rave 7
Darius Battle Royale (Stand Alone)
Darius The Mailman (Stand Alone)
Donald’s Basics in Hamburgers and Learning
Ermii Kart DS
Gemalomania (SM64)
Grand Dad Mania Revived (Stand Alone)
Justice League United (Stand Alone)
King Boo’s Seven Towers
Kirby Dream Kingdom
Kirby Sweet Mocha
LoZ Breath of the Wild The Bell’s Arietta (VRChat Content Pack)
Mario and Luigi Power Blast (SMW)
Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games Pyeongchang 2018 (Stand Alone)
Metroid Fusion C.L.E.A.N.S.
Minecraft x Super Mario
Mother Tensei: Mother Reincarnation
Sonic … Something!
Sonic Dream Plant
Sonic Electro Block
Star Revenge 3.5
Super Krabs 64
Super Luigi 64
Super Mario 64 Gameplay Mod by Skuttlebug_Raiser
Super Mario 64: Beyond Hell Valley
Super Mario 64: Peach’s Memory
Super Mario 64: Shining Stars Repainted
Super Mario Brothers Super Show 64
Super Mario Galaxy C
Super Mario Galaxy: The Lost Levels
Super Plankton 64
THUG Pro Mario Levels
Ztar Attack 2: A Blast to the Past (SM64)

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