The Banjo-Kazooie Returns Demo Stirred My Bones with Hype!

The final feature of Kaze’s F3 was of course a doozy, my friend; like five men in a jacuzzi. It’s been so long since I played Banjo-Kazooie but the memories will always be ingrained in me as it’s the first game I ever played. Understand I probably won’t be coming at this ‘review’ as objectively as I would like but if you’re like me and the source material for this mod used to mean everything to you — you won’t be disappointed!

The hub for this demo is two separate connecting maps, one with a golden thrown and 180 note door and another with a 800-something note door. I tried to pull the camera out to see if I could see anything in the first environment but nothing; just a floating island. The second environment could had something behind the note door of the castle worth seeing but the culling prevented the camera from clipping through to sneak a peek.

Skull tokens were everywhere in the hub world, too. It was pretty rad collecting things outside of the main levels! 5 can be collected in the hub, the mod having 15 in total but Mumbo is no were to be found. Dang, huh.

Worlds are still unlocked by placing Jiggies in their respective map puzzles and Grunty still knows how to chime in with rhymin’ (best rapper).

So the one world the demo had to offer was called Glowshroom Grove. A lot of brand new assets  are on display here! The main new asset being these huge glowing mushroom to kind of act like trees. They come in two different colors but I don’t think that means anything. A few new houses exist here too, one significantly bigger than the other. What does this mean for the story?

No new characters or enemies were resent but the writing of the few encounters you do face Bottles and Brentila can be quite cheeky! Glowshroom Grove definitely looks like the place that would have some lore behind it as well. The portion showed off for the demo is rather small but it hides a few places we can explore in the final build; the obvious two being the houses but also a grate was placed over a stream and a grate was placed over a tree hole.

10 Jiggies, 5 Jinjos (Jinjoes? Jinji?) 100 music notes and of course the 10 Mumbo token can be collected. With so many collectibles you’d think it would take forever to play through this map but no — my first run lasted maybe 40 minutes. That’s a pretty good time, don’t get me wrong, but the positioning of about half of these collectibles was pretty suspect.

I get the feeling that this Demo was indeed meant to be just that — a demo to prove the mod is worth playing — not an elaborate teaser and not even the final version of Glowshroom Grove. That being said, I still loved every minute of it! I loved it so much that I actually devised a route to 100% it in what I consider to be world record time! Until I see the competitions vids, this WR is canon. Hahahahaha!!!!

Super Zambezi, your creation so far has been my favorite game of 2018. Forreal! I wish you the best of luck on the rest of your development and I’ll try to tune in to your streams as well!

To everyone else, PLEASE go download this demo right now! Patching your .z64 rom of Banjo-Kazooie is super easy and everything you need is included in the download. Now stop reading and go play! N0W!

The official BK Returns Demo 1.2 can be found here:!OCwxVSZY!WIs_gF7R4C_1Qie9tI8rlhfxSh9A0HzP6ZQrHtNQBD0

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